VP Bank (BVI) Ltd – Banking in the British Virgin Islands

VP Bank (BVI) Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the VP Bank Group.

Founded in 1995, VP Bank (BVI) Ltd was the first VP Bank subsidiary established outside of Europe. The Bank holds a full banking licence in the British Virgin Islands and offers the full range of private banking services to high-net-worth individuals, intermediaries and asset managers worldwide.

Our broad spectrum of banking services and comprehensive asset management solutions are underpinned by rigorous financial prudence and proven expertise in asset management, investment consulting, securities trading and custody business.

Thanks to our international infrastructure and our location in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone (AST), our clients enjoy maximum flexibility and access to all the leading markets, with same-day payment capabilities in US dollars and most European currencies. Clients can hold up to 28 different currencies (including gold and silver) under one single account. Our role is to ensure that our clients’ banking and financial needs are satisfied and that the services we offer meet and exceed their expectations. In keeping with our open architecture philosophy, our solutions are based on our clients’ requirements and incorporate best-of-class external products wherever necessary.

VP Bank (BVI) Ltd acts both as a conservative lender in the high-end real estate market and as a commercial lender in the British Virgin Islands.

Dedicated private banking

VP Bank (BVI) Ltd has assembled a team of experienced international private bankers. The team combines expertise from all aspects of the financial services industry, including foreign exchange and securities trading, economic analysis and trust and estate planning.

External asset managers

In addition to private asset management services, we provide comprehensive services for asset managers, fund managers and other financial intermediaries who wish to take advantage of our modern, sophisticated booking and trading platform. Partnership arrangements with professionals include customised investment consulting and management packages as well as custodian services.

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