Successful companies strive for excellence. VP Bank Group is involved in an ongoing process designed to improve its expertise and enhance client relationship management.

A culture of ongoing improvement

For several years, we have been involved in a concerted and systematic effort to improve structures and business practices throughout our entire organisation in order to achieve ongoing improvement in both the efficiency and quality of our activities at the operational level.

The high quality of our management system has been confirmed by numerous certifications.

Unsurpassed quality in the area of advisory services

Today’s clients expect quality and transparency. We are able to meet these expectations through high-quality advisory services and attentive feedback.

VP Bank conducts client feedback management activities that include regular surveys of client satisfaction and systematic reporting. Open feedback paths, professional complaint management and a continuous dialogue with clients are evidence of this resolute client orientation.

Within the scope of this ongoing client dialogue process, each year we receive and address close to 500 comments from our clients. In 2015, two-thirds of that feedback was of a positive nature and pertained to the quality of client care.

Client satisfaction was also confirmed in the public domain: Germany’s business and finance journal “Fuchsbriefe” each year examines the quality of advice provided in the areas of private banking and private wealth management. In 2015, VP Bank was once again rated “Recommendable”. Also, Germany’s "Elite Report" in November 2015 distinguished VP Bank with its "cum laude" certification.

Outstanding quality in the area of organisation

VP Bank Group considers itself a learning company. We strive for constant improvement and promote quality and quality consciousness within our organisation.

VP Bank’s business risks are also subjected to a quality-driven management process.

Numerous awards for the quality of our advisory services, the quality of our publications and products as well as the efficiency of our business processes testify to the successes of these measures.


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