VP Bank Foundation

The VP Bank Foundation was initiated in 2006 and established in 2007 to mark the 50th anniversary of VP Bank. In keeping with its statutes, the Foundation patronises projects, individuals and institutions that have gained an outstanding profile in the areas ecology, art, education, science or culture. Charitable activities in the interest of the broad public are also supported.

Moreover, this patronage is intended to be connected in some way with Liechtenstein as well as the corporate values of VP Bank. Donations can also be made for welfare and social purposes.

Sponsored projects

  • Foundation Zukunft.li

  • UFL Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein

  • Long-standing annual contribution to the Gutenberg Education and Seminar Center in Liechtenstein

  • “pro natura – pro ski” foundation. The Foundation’s activities make a recognised contribution towards the ecologically conscious development of winter sport resorts in a way that balances the interests of all stakeholders.

  • Symposium entitled “BERG-UM-WELT” in Saalfelden (Austria)

  • Literaturhaus Liechtenstein and “Der literarische Monat“ literary magazine

  • Research project on economic analyses in Liechtenstein

  • Liechtenstein Academic Society

In connection with the annual “Lichtblick” campaign, more than 30 social institutions in Liechtenstein received grants from the Foundation: it disbursed a total of almost CHF 70,000 to this initiative and other projects of social institutions and associations in Liechtenstein and the surrounding region.

Again this past year, a portion of the Foundation’s capital was invested in the EMF Microfinance Fund AGmvK as well as in VP Bank Balanced (CHF) Strategy Fund class C units. Via returns from the latter commitment, the relief organisation “SolidarMed” received financial aid. Owing to the recognised accomplishments of this organisation, the purpose-related funding agreement was renewed and the contributions increased.

The VP Bank Foundation is a member of the Association of Liechtenstein Non-profit Foundations e.V. and the “Swiss-Foundations” association of charitable institutions. The Board of Trustees is involved in the expansion of the Liechtenstein association and benefits from the valuable exchange of ideas in both organisations.

Applications and contact

Applications must be complete to be considered and must be accompanied at least by the following documents:

  • Cover letter describing the key aspects of the project

  • Description of the project with project designation, information on the initiators of the project, timetable

  • Budget and financing plan, annual report if available

  • List of other institutions approached for financing and their responses

Please submit applications to:

VP Bank Stiftung

Aeulestrasse 6
9490 Vaduz
Tel. +423 235 67 61
Fax +423 235 65 15

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