Corporate Giving


With its donations, VP Bank fulfils its responsibility towards the location of Liechtenstein and in the selective regions in which it is represented. Donating is closely linked to our local marketing strategy, our relations with and the acquisition of clients as well as brand management. Since 2014, VP Bank has focused its attention within the donation categories – alternating on an annual basis – on associations in the areas of mass sport (odd years; e.g. 2015, 2017) and cultural institutions with a public profile (even years; e.g. 2016, 2018). Employees of VP Bank Group who are actively involved in an institution are also supported with a contribution. Numerous initiatives and projects have been benefiting from the commitment for many years.

Requirements for associations in the area of mass sport

  • The association must have its registered office in Liechtenstein

  • The association provides a year-round offer for the general public, not for small interest groups

  • Support of weekly activities rather than individual performances/events

Requirement for cultural institutions

  • Projects of cultural institutions and creative artists with broad public impact in Liechtenstein

  • Even calendar years (2016, 2018 et seq.)

  • Acceptance upon written proposition (see below: Application/Contact)


For an application, the following form (in German) must be completed in full by the applicant and sent to the specified address. For an enquiry in English, please send an e-mail to:

VP Bank donation form - German only (PDF, 50 kb)
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