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Share capital, VP Bank share, Stock market listingAnnual General MeetingReportingCompany

Share capital, VP Bank share, Stock market listing

How is VP Bank’s share capital structured?

As of 31.12.2016, VP Bank has total share capital of CHF 66,154,167 divided into 6,004,167 fully paid-up, registered shares B with a par value of CHF 1.00 per share as well as 6,015,000 registered shares A with a par value of CHF 10.00 per share. VP Bank has not issued any participation certificates or dividend-right certificates.


What is VP Bank’s shareholder structure?
VP Bank has a balanced shareholder structure with stable anchor shareholders outside of the banking industry and a 44.42% free float (31.12.2016).


Where are VP Bank shares listed?
VP Bank’s registered shares A are listed and freely tradable on SIX Swiss Exchange. The registered shares B are not listed but are distributed amongst the population of Liechtenstein.


What is VP Bank’s securities number, ISIN number and ticker symbol?
The securities number for the VP Bank registered shares A is 31548726, the ISIN number is LI0315487269 and the ticker symbol is VPBN.


What are VP Bank’s Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg ticker symbols?
The VP Bank ticker symbol on Thomson Reuters is VPBN.S, and on Bloomberg it is VPBN.


Where can one follow the current price of VP Bank shares?
Current share price information (slightly delayed) can be found on the “VP Bank share” page of the website’s Shareholder Information section or on the SIX Swiss Exchange website.


Which indices cover VP Bank?
VP Bank is covered in the SPI, SPI Extra, SPI ex SLI and Swiss All Share Index of the SIX Swiss Exchange.


What is VP Bank’s dividend policy?
VP Bank strives to maintain a consistent approach to dividend distributions with the aim of paying out 40% to 60% of its annual net income to shareholders, provided that the Bank’s tier 1 capital ratio exceeds 16%.


When are dividends paid out?
VP Bank follows the Swiss market standard for dividend payments.
The ex-dividend date is the trading day on which the shares first trade without a dividend. It occurs the second market day after the Annual General Meeting.
The dividend record date defines who is eligible to receive a dividend. Shareholders who own the shares on the record date are eligible to receive the dividend. The record date is the first market day following the ex dividend date.
The dividend payment date is the date on which dividends are paid out to all shareholders eligible to receive the dividend payment at the record date. It is the first market trading day following the record date, so generally four market trading days after the Annual General Meeting.

2017 dividend payment schedule
Ex-dividend date


Dividend record date


Dividend payment date


Annual general meeting

When is VP Bank’s Annual General Meeting held?
The Annual General Meeting is held at the end of April. The actual date is listed in the Corporate calendar, which is posted in the “Investors & Media” section of the VP Bank website.


Which shares have voting rights at the VP Bank Annual General Meeting?
Each registered share B (par value of CHF 1.00) and each registered share A (par value of CHF 10.00) grants the holder the right to one vote at the VP Bank Annual General Meeting. Each shareholder may either attend in person or be represented by another shareholder by means of a written proxy.


Who is invited to the VP Bank Annual General Meeting?
Registered shareholders B who have been entered into the share register as well as registered shareholders A whose shares are held in custody of VP Bank receive an invitation to the Annual General Meeting, including the related agenda. The invitation to the Annual General Meeting is also published in Liechtenstein newspapers and the Swiss financial press.


What is VP Bank’s information and reporting policy?
VP Bank informs shareholders and capital market participants in an open, comprehensive and timely manner. Its information policy is based on the principle of equal treatment of all capital market participants by means of detailed annual and semi-annual reports as well as media releases.


When are financial publications published?
Information on the publication dates for the annual report and interim report can be found in the Corporate calendar in the Investors & Media section of the website.


Which accounting standards does VP Bank apply?
The VP Bank Group financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


How does one order a printed copy of the annual report?
The printed version of the annual report can be ordered on the website by going to the Publications section under “Investors & Media”. There you will also find the online version of the reports (including archives), which can be downloaded in pdf format.


Where does one find corporate governance information?
Corporate governance information can be found in the annual report or the Responsibility section of the website.


In what way is VP Bank a unique investment?
VP Bank is the only independent private bank in the German-speaking region that has a clear two-pillar business model consisting in private banking and brokerage and that is publicly listed and has received an “A-“ rating from Standard & Poor’s.


What is VP Bank’s vision?
VP Bank has adopted a clear vision: “We generate enthusiasm by offering our clients unique experiences – this is why they recommend us.”


What are VP Bank’s qualitative goals?

  • Continuing growth in profitability

  • Enhancing our distribution strength through the close integration of our global competency teams and Group-wide coordination of our market development

  • Increasing efficiency and company value through the centralisation of competencies.

  • Value-oriented management (KPIs: return on equity and cost/income ratio), management’s long-term commitment to the company (long-term incentive plan)


What are VP Bank’s medium-term targets?

  • CHF 50 billion in client assets under management (31.12.2016: CHF 35.8 billion)

  • CHF 80 million in Group net income (31.12.2015: CHF 58.0 million)

  • Cost/income ratio of less than 70% (31.12.2015: 68.4%)


How does one contact the Investor Relations office?
Tanja Muster, Head of Group Communications & Marketing
T +423 235 66 55, F +423 235 65 00
www.vpbank.com > Investors & Media

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